Chart Best 1996 Singles

# Performer Song
1 Spice Girls Wannabe
2 George Michael Jesus To a Child
3 Los Del Rio Macarena
4 Everything But The Girl Missing
5 Spice Girls Say You'll Be There
6 Spillow I wish
7 Alanis Morisette Ironic
8 Pet Shop Boys Panineros
9 Madonna You'll See
10 The Cramberries Salvation
11 Sheryl Crow If It Makes You Happy
12 B.B.E Seven day and one week
13 Pet Shop Boys Se A Vida E
14 Joan Osborne One of Us
15 Osmania Face of the stranger
16 Dr. Alban Alabalaba
17 Bryan Adams Let's make a night to remember
18 Gloria Estephan The Rich
19 Dr. Alban Born in Africa
20 Fool's Garden Lemon Tree

Special Prize

Fugees Killing Me Softly


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